Online Sales and Purchasing Trends


  • 18+% of contact lenses are purchased online
  • 41% of consumers are willing to order contacts online
  • 25% annual growth forecast for online eye care products
  • 38% of online shopping occurs outside normal business hours
  • 83% of adults go online for health/medical info and resources


  • 223% growth in online spending
  • 7% decline in offline sales

2012 AOA Vistakon Market Study
In its fall, 2010 survey of 7,500 optical purchasers -- 66% being glasses wearers and 34% contact lens wearers --- the 2012 AOA Vistakon Market Study found:

  • 24% of all patients purchased eyeglasses away from their eye exam provider, stating service, price and hours of operation as being top reasons.
    MyEyeStore eliminates those gaps to help you retain your patients’ eyeglasses purchases.
  • Glasses are purchased every 2.5 years on average.
    MyEyeStore creates an online presence to capture those purchases.
  • 18% of contact lens purchases were made online away from their eye exam provider.
    MyEyeStore creates an online presence to capture your patients’ contact lens purchases before they go elsewhere.
  • Only 39% of contact lens wearers purchase contacts from an Independent (based on last purchases made). Cost and convenience are why contact lens purchases are made away from their providers.
  • MyEyeStore makes your practice competitive so you retain sales to contact lens patients.
  • Contact lens patients re-order approximately every 8 months.
    MyEyeStore means you can capture those recurring sales – automatically.
  • 49% of patients go to the doctor they “always go to.” Deducting the 16% that are driven by insurance coverage – that leaves approximately 35% of all patients open to changing providers.
    MyEyeStore gives your practice the cache of better customer service by providing your patients with the convenience and easy access to products they’ve come to expect in an online world.

Offering brands at a competitive price that will make your practice the go-to online store for you patients' optical needs.


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